31 December 2020


Video & PPT of WNISR2020 Global Launch and Press Book

WNISR, 31 December 2020

The Global Launch of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2020 (WNISR2020) took place on 24 September 2020 with two online events. The first was hosted by Chatham House, London, for timezones compatible with European watches. The second was hosted by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in Washington D.C. for timezones that fit American clocks (see video and PPT hereunder).

Greg Jaczko, former Chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), commented during the second release event:

First of all, I think the report is fantastic. It is probably the best collection of publicly available data for the nuclear industry. I have to say, I use a lot of the information quite often in talks and in teaching [at Princeton University]. So I think it is an excellent report, and I think it does paint a very clear picture of the status of the industry right now. It is the data that does not necessarily comport with the story that the industry is wanting to tell right now on what the status of the industry is. So I think it is very valuable to have this kind of information and to have the accurate analysis and assessment. Really, I applaud the work, it is a tremendous effort.

Further online events around the WNISR2020 findings are planned with partners in Beijing (China), Beirut (Lebanon), Paris (France), Taipei (Taiwan), Zürich (Switzerland)...

Media attention has been extraordinary and many outlets continue to quote, refer to or reproduce graphics from WNISR2020. Here is a selection of examples of coverage from around the world:

WNISR 2020 Press Book
PDF - 3.6 MiB

Please find hereunder the video of the America launch edition in two parts, Part 1 with the presentation of the key results (51 min and the PPT), Part 2 the discussion with participants (60 min).

• The PPT Presentation of WNISR2020

WNISR 2020 - PPT Presentation
PDF - 3.6 MiB

• The Videos of the WNISR2020 Global Launch Event

- Part 1: The Presentation of WNISR2020

WNISR2020 Global Launch Event - Part 1


• Matthew McKinzie Director – Nuclear, Climate & Clean Energy Program (NRDC)


• Mycle Schneider WNISR Coordinator & Publisher Independent Consultant on Energy & Nuclear Policy

• Ali Ahmad WNISR Contributing Author Research Fellow — Project on Managing the Atom and International Security Program, Harvard Kennedy School

M.V. Ramana WNISR Contributing Author Simons Chair in Disarmament, Global and Human Security, University of British Columbia

- Part 2: The Discussion

WNISR2020 Global Launch Event - Part 2

The Moderator, the Presenters and the Participants

• Henry Sokolski Executive Director, Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC)

• Zia Mian Co-Director, Program in Science and Global Security, Princeton University

• Gregory Jaczko Former Chairman, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

• Caroline Reiser Legal Fellow, Nuclear Energy—Climate & Clean Energy Program, NRDC

• Thomas B. Cochran Former Director, Nuclear Program, NRDC

• Paul Gunter & Linda Pentz Gunter Director, Reactor Oversight Project & International Specialist, Beyond Nuclear

• Tim Judson Executive Director, Nuclear Information & Resource Service (NIRS)

• Ben Wealer WNISR Contributing Author, Research Associate, Workgroup for Economic and Infrastructure Policy (TU Berlin)