19 September 2012

Renewables International: The French Nuclear Phaseout

More nuclear is expected to be decommissioned than added in the future.

Renewables International

Uploaded 15 September 2012

When France elected its new president a few months ago, Renewables International stated its skepticism that any major switch from nuclear to renewables was in the works. Now, it seems that that skepticism is justified. Last weekend, opponents of nuclear power in France, Germany, and Switzerland got their hopes up when media reports indicated that France might shut down its oldest nuclear plant, Fessenheim near the border to Germany and Switzerland, next summer. The news came only two days after a steam blast at the plant; the event was also erroneously reported as a fire.

But now, it turns out that the new French government headed by Socialist Hollande is only moving up the decommissioning of the plant by half a year to the end of 2016, essentially putting the event at the end of Hollande’s five-year term. More...