8 January 2014

Ningde‑2 Reactor Startup in China

The Ningde 2 nuclear reactor was synchronized to the grid on 4 January 2014, with full power operations to follow after further tests. The Ningde power plant is located on three islands in Fuding city in northeast of Fujian province on the coast of the Taiwan Straits. As reported by WNISR, there are significant concerns over the aged design of the CPR-1000, which do not meet key safety criteria.

Construction of Ningde unit 2 began in November 2008. It will be operated by China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) with a 46% share ownership. Other partners in the project at Ningde are China Datang Corp (44%) and Fujian Energy Group (10%).

Ningde 2 becomes the 20th nuclear reactor supplying electricity in China. Ningde unit 1 began commercial operation in April 2013. Unit 3 at the site is expected to begin operation later in 2014, with unit 4 following in 2015.